Ap7723 datasheets

The aggregate current draw per rack PDU is displayed on the unit via a digital display. The local digital display helps installers avoid overloaded circuits by providing a visible warning when the current draw is close to the maximum amperage draw of the strip. APC Rack-mount Transfer Switches for Telecom, Network and CCTV applications, contact sales for more infomration on 0800 978 8988 | SKU: AP7723 Description The AP7173 is a 1.5A low-dropout (LDO) linear regulator that features a user-programmable soft-start, an enable input and a power-good output. The soft-start reduces inrush current of the load capacitors and minimizes stress on the input power source during start- up. APC Rack ATS AP7724. AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH. APC Rack ATS AP7723 (8-port) 16Amp / APC Rack ATS AP7724 (16-port) 32Amp / APC Rack ATS AP4424 (16-port) 32Amp. Input: Dual Phase automatic switching between 2 independent power sources from UPS/Genset; Output: Single Phase output to Load at PC / Server or sensitive IT equipment. AP7313 - XX XX G - 7 Package Green Packing SA : SOT23 G : Green 7 : Tape & Reel SR : SOT23R 10 : 1.0V Output 12 : 1.2V 15 : 1.5V 18 : 1.8V 25 : 2.5V 28 : 2.8V 30 : 3.0V 33 : 3.3V 20 : 2.0V Device Package Code Packaging (Note 2) 7” Tape and Reel Quantity Part Number Suffix AP7313-XXSAG-7 SA SOT23 3000/Tape & Reel -7 AP6212 Datasheet AMPAK Technology Inc. www.ampak.com.tw Proprietary & Confidential Information Doc. NO: 3 1. Introduction AMPAK Technology would like to announce a low-cost and low-power consumption module