Pololu servo controller datasheets

Jun 24, 2011 · how to set up arduino + pololu mini maestro (for an 18 servo hexapod) EDIT 4 Dec 2012: As of august 2012-ish (I haven't tried to run hexapod since then, because I ate my pololu controller sometime while ... The Pololu USB 16-servo controller is the latest addition to our line of R/C hobby servo controllers. The compact module measures just 48 x 26mm including the USB connector, making it smaller than most 8-channel controllers, and it offers both USB and asynchronous serial (UART) connectivity. Symbol Library - Driver_Motor Description: Integrated motor driver and controller ICs The Pololu 18v7 5.5-30V, 7A Motor Controller makes basic control of brushed DC motors easy, with Pololu's free Simple Motor Control Center software enabling quick configuration over USB. It supports four interface modes: USB, TTL serial, analog voltage, and hobby radio control (RC). It is a versatile, general-purpose motor controller.