Capto q resin msds sheet

Data file 29-0319-25 AB Hydrophobic interaction chromatography GE Healthcare Life Sciences Capto™ Phenyl ImpRes and Capto Butyl ImpRes Capto Phenyl ImpRes and Capto Butyl ImpRes are hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC) media (resins) developed for the intermediate and polishing steps in a downstream protein purification process (Fig 1). Capto™ MMC Capto MMC is a multimodal salt-tolerant BioProcess™ resin for capture and intermediate purification of proteins from large feed volumes by packed bed chromatography. Capto MMC increases productivity and reduces cost with: • high dynamic binding capacity at high conductivity • high volume throughput • smaller unit operations SILANOL-TRIMETHYLSILYL MODIFIED Q RESIN Safety Data Sheet 08/21/2015 EN (English US) SDS ID: SQO-299 6/6 The information contained in this document has been gathered from reference materials and/or Gelest, Inc. test data and is to the best knowledge and belief of Gelest, Inc. accurate and reliable. Dec 29, 2017 · The results show that Capto Q is the least compressible of the 7 resins, followed by MabSelect. This is expected as both resins are made of highly cross-linked agarose polymers and contain 7% and 6% agarose respectively. Q-HP and S6FF are cross-linked resins that contain 6% agarose. These two resins have quasi-identical critical velocities. Tenax Safety Data Sheets | SDS for Tenax Products | MSDS Information for Products