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About Us. With decades of expertise and a reputation of excellence, Heabler Metal Products offers everything from small repairs and custom prototype fabrication to large-scale component manufacturing and complex assemblies. Because Midland Metal Products is a full-service display manufacturer, our facility has 30,000 square feet devoted to the critical assembly and packaging of your manufactured goods. As packing and assembly is the final stage in the process, we employ rigorous quality control standards during this stage to ensure a quality-finished product is ... Sheet Metal Fabrication is what we do best! You probably have never seen sheet metal fabrication done quite like this. Get ready, this is going to be easy. We stock many types and thicknesses of sheet metal to cut lead times. Our material turn-around on smaller orders (1-50 pcs) is 1-2 days. Since 1964 Crown Products has been a leading manufacturer of air duct products for the HVAC industry. We manufacture a complete line of residential air duct products and offer a full range of rectangular, round, and spiral duct products for commercial construction.