Ncdc rain gauge data sheet

All rain gauges measure rainfall at a single location where the measurement area or volume is ... The WSR-88D estimates rainfall by processing base reflectivity data taken from a 1.0 km x 1.0 The second source of raingauge data is a compilation of daily observations by the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC, 1994) obtained from state universities, state cooperatives and the NWS (hereafter NCDC Cooperative Dataset). Currently there are about 8000 active daily raingauge reports, and the period of record is 1948-1998. Abstract: WIND weather sensor vane air flow sensor rain gauge weather sensor water vane direction of the wind sensor vane air flow sensor, Soil temperature sensor rj11 pcb mount Text: addition of other 1-Wire devices or sensors based thereon. The rain gauge shown in Figure 2 would be added , is commonly measured with the fill-and-tip method. If appropriate, NCEI can only certify that the data it distributes are an authentic copy of the records that were accepted for inclusion in the NCEI archives., Use liability: NOAA and NCEI cannot provide any warranty as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of furnished data. 1.1. Fischer & Porter Rain Gauge: The new recording rain gauge is housed entirely within the body of the original Fischer & Porter (F&P) containment shell (Fig 1.1). Once you open the access door (Fig 1.2) you will see a blue and white plastic box that contains the data recorder. This is the Precip Recorder and it takes the place of the