Nokia loopset lps 5 user

User's Guide for the Inductive Loopset LPS-4. ... User's Guide for the Inductive Loopset LPS-4 by Nokia. Topics ... Internet Archive Python library 0.5.2. The LPS-3 loopset is a Nokia accessory designed to make the 3 300 series . phone more accessible to hearing-aid user s. The LPS-3 loopset is also . As a long time Nokia Loopset LPS-4 user, I was spoiled by its capabilities and was crestfallen when I received an iPhone as a gift. Everywhere I looked, no one made a loopset for the iPhone. :-(But, I heard about the artone MS and the more I looked at its features, the more I thought 'this could be the one' to replace the LPS-4. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Nokia Lps-5 Induction Wireless Loopset Bluetooth Hearing Aid Phone Headset LPS5 at the best online prices at eBay! The Nokia Wireless Loopset LPS-5, is an accessory designed specifically for improved mobile communications for people with hearing aids. With a T-coil equipped hearing aid or cochlear implant, this practical device can help hearing aid users enjoy premium audio quality and handsfree operation of their mobile devices and other compatible audio devices.