Multiplexor datasheet

GE Digital Energy - Communications - Fiber Optic Multiplexers (Lentronics) E1MXe Multiplexer The E1MXe Multiplexer provides voice, data, telemetry, Ethernet and teleprotection services over E1 capacity carriers (E1 leased lines, microwave radios, dedicated copper or fibre cable media). CD4066 Quad Bilateral Switches – Multiplexer. The CD4066 is a Quad Bilateral Switch IC, that is, it has four switches which can be controlled individual using a control pin. These switches can conduct in both the directions making it bilateral, it is commonly used for multiplexing analog or digital signals. The CD4097B is a differential 8-channel multiplexer having three binary control inputs, A, B, C, and an inhibit input. The inputs permit selection of one of eight pairs of switches. A logic "1" present at the inhibit input turns all channels off.