Hct125m datasheet

'&&kdudfwhulvwlfv 8qohvvrwkhuzlvhvshflilhg 7 d wr &kdudfwhulvwlfv 3rvlwlyhwkuhvkrogyrowdjh 1hjdwlyhwkuhvkrogyrowdjh +\vwhuhvlvyrowdjh +ljk ohyhorxwsxwyrowdjh Type: CDRH125, CDRH125/LD Please refer to the sales offices on our website for a representative near you www.sumida.com 4/4 ※ Description of part name CDRH125NP-100M 1. Rated current: The DC current at which the inductance decreases to 75% of its nominal value or when t=40 , whichever is lower(Ta=20 ). Part No. DATA SHEET Product specification File under Integrated Circuits, IC06 1998 Aug 05 INTEGRATED CIRCUITS 74HC1G14; 74HCT1G14 Inverting Schmitt-trigger