Asian vine snake venom effects.

This is to make sure that the venom takes effect. It is not uncommon for people to be bitten by a boomslang (or any other snake for that matter) without the venom entering their bloodstream. Such bites are called dry bites. Boomslang venom is haemotoxic, affecting the blood clotting mechanism, and is very slow to take effect. Snake venom even helps the animal digest its meal. Spitting cobras have modified fangs that squirt venom up to 6 feet. This is strictly a defense mechanism and benefits both snake and its predator by eliminating any physical contact. The venom severely incapacitates would-be attacker but does not kill it as a bite would. Apart from the Asian Rhabdophis subminiatus and R. tigrinus, Dispholidus and Thelotornis are the only colubrids that have been proven to have caused isolated fatalities. Their venom is extraordinarily potent, so that even small amounts are able to cause serious envenoming. However, despite their dangerousness, envenoming rarely occurs. snake venom is extremely toxic, the amount of venom injected per bite is small. Venom components include presynaptic and postsynaptic neurotoxins and some venoms appear to inhibit the actions of acetylcholine at autonomic ganglia. A typical mani-festation of sea snake poisoning is muscle pain. In severe poisoning myoglobinuria is detected several Snake venom contains wide ranges of several structurally distinct families of peptides those have miscellaneous functions. As, snake bite is a burning public health issue and second most common cause of un-natural fatality in Bangladesh, ISOB included information regarding snake bite treatment in local language.