What represents canadian identity

How? design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi Well here is an example; How many of you know Mr. Tuff ? He is a wonderful example of Canadian identity. Someone who comes to this amazing school to encourage others to be the best of them selves. The only reason Tim Horton’s remains so intertwined with the Canadian identity is because for whatever reason people feel the need to tie the Canadian identity to something tangible. I argue that the less tangible nationalism we enforce, the better it is for the nation, because it decreases homogeneity and increases diversity. The city that's the most proud of Canadian identity is Brantford, Ont., at 98 per cent. Brantford is the home of celebrated Canadians Alexander Graham Bell, who is credited with patenting the ... HOCKEY AND CANADIAN CULTURE. If you ask anyone in or outside Canada what makes that country different from other nations, it doesn’t usually take long for hockey to emerge as something that seems characteristically Canadian.