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µPD166033T1U Datasheet 3. Specification R07DS1167EJ0200 Rev.2.00 Page 4 of 39 May 22, 2015 3.2 Pin Configuration 3.2.1 TO252-7 Pin Configuration Pin No. Terminal Name 1 OUT 2 GND 3 IN 4, Tab VCC 5 IS 6 SEN 7 OUT Pin function Terminal Name Pin function Recommended connection Data sheet 3RF2405-1BD04 Solid-state contactor 3-phase 3RF2 AC 53 / 5.4 A / 40 °C 48-480 V / 24 V DC Reversing circuit Instantaneous switching screw terminal Product brand name SIRIUS Product designation solid-state reversing contactor General technical data Product function reversing switch Power loss [W] / for rated value of the current / at AC Omega’s load cells are compact, rugged, and constructed with the highest quality alloy steel. We have an array of different load cells available, including bending beam models, platform load cells for washdown applications, canisters, minibeam load cells, and more. W5500 Datasheet Version1.0.2 (November 2013) 3 / 66 Target Applications W5500 is suitable for the following embedded applications: - Home Network Devices: Set-Top Boxes, PVRs, Digital Media Adapters - Serial-to-Ethernet: Access Controls, LED displays, Wireless AP relays, etc. - Parallel-to-Ethernet: POS / Mini Printers, Copiers ORACLE DATA SHEET 2 overall system reliability is improved due to reduced part count in the server. By leveraging the unique, no-cost capabilities of Solaris Zones and Oracle VM 3.1 for SPARC, the SPARC T5 processor enables customers to run up to 128 domains on one processor to save on hardware costs while minimizing operational complexity. Hydro-Transport Pumps. Cornell introduced the first Hydro-Transport food process pump to the industry nearly 50 years ago. Unlike Solids Handling pumps, or other types of pumps that are sometimes used in the food industry, the Cornell P and PP series pumps are designed and manufactured with the sole purpose of pumping food products.