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Excel 2016: Creating Charts and Diagrams In Excel 2016, charts and diagrams can show trends, averages, high and low points, and more. Not only do they make your worksheets more visually appealing, they also serve a definite function. At Brain Health and Puzzles we aim to be your source for information regarding the healthy function of your brain. We are continually adding new information on every aspect of brain health, from nutrition, to disease info, to brain injury and more! Trauma and the Brain This is a very simplistic explanation of a very complex process. There are three main parts of the brain which are greatly affected by experiencing severe or chronic traumatic events. Hippocampus The hippocampus processes trauma memories, by recycling the Personalized plan. Access your diet, activity, and supplement plan anytime, anywhere through the Thorne dashboard. Recommendations are generated from our medically-supervised algorithms based on your unique test results. This diagram illustrates some of the features and phenomena found in the various layers of Earth's atmosphere. Starting from ground level, the layers include the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere. The exosphere, which is above the thermosphere, is not shown in the diagram.