Logix heat sheet

Nov 07, 2015 · Creatherm made one of the first “walk-it-in” radiant floor panels, and they’re still a popular choice. Heat Sheet, made by the same consortium of EPS molders that produce Logix ICF, is another option. A third choice is the Amvic Insulated Radiant PEX panel. Ampex is molded with a graphite-enhanced EPS bead for additional efficiency. www.heat-sheet.com Think With LogixTM Nov 08/13 HEAT-SHEET Heat-Sheet is a radiant floor heating system made of rigid foam insulation panels. For use in residential and commercial buildings, Heat-Sheet is designed to be incorporated into the floor system. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Heat-Sheet panels are made with high density expanded CompactLogix Communication Modules Specifications Table 3 - Technical Specifications - 1768 and 1769 EtherNet/IP Modules Attribute 1768-ENBT, 1768-EWEB 1769-AENTR(1) EtherNet/IP communication rate 10/100 Mbps 10/100 Mbps Logix communication connections 128 128 TCP/IP communication connections 64 96 Current draw @ 5V DC N/A 500 mA With Logix ® ICF, you can save time and money and get a stronger, more comfortable and more energy-efficient home. Other Products Look at our products for: Overhead structural concrete flooring (Fortruss) In-floor radiant heating systems tubing forms (Heat-Sheet)