Ci select income managed fund fact sheet

Funds. Our funds are informed by global investment research addressing the demands of the ever-changing financial landscape. Every investor has unique needs and Lazard has built a suite of differentiated funds to help you find the investment solutions that best meet your needs. For additional mutual fund data (such as sector / industry / country / regional / fund allocations of sources of value add, maturity / quality / market capitalization allocations) not currently shown on individual Fund webpages or the Fund Factsheet, please call JPM Shareholder Services desk at 1-800-480-4111. The Jupiter Merlin Income Portfolio is an actively managed multi-manager fund, the objective of this portfolio is to provide income together with the prospect of capital growth to provide a return, net of fees, that is higher than the IA Mixed Investment 20%-60% Shares Sector average over the long term (at least five years). CI Funds - Select Income Managed Corporate Class is an open-end fund incorporated in Canada. The Fund seeks to provide a diversified portfolio of income-generating securities in a manner that is ... Fundamental bottom-up credit research is the cornerstone of our approach to high-yield investing. We combine our fundamental research with an investment process that emphasizes both risk management and relative-value investing to achieve competitive risk-adjusted returns.