Timesheet week ending

Aug 23, 2019 · Please use hours and minutes when completing the time-sheet, i.e. 7 hrs 30 mins. Please round total for week up or down to nearest 15 minutes. Please change hours to days if you are on a daily rate. Please state clearly when requesting leave whether you want paid or unpaid leave. I agree that the above is an accurate reflection of the hours worked If you want to automatically split weekly and bi-weekly periods at the end of a month, select the Auto split week check box.. Click the Generate periods button.. In the Generate periods form, if you want to generate new periods for the workers who are associated with the period type, select the Update worker periods check box. Zip_____ DAY DATE TIME IN TIME OUT LESS LUNCH BREAK HOURS WORKED OFFICE/LOCATION TO CHARGE Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday ID of timesheet to load (Supercedes assignment_id and week_ending) assignment_id Assignment ID on timesheet to load (Requires week_ending) week_ending Week ending on timesheet to load (Requires assignment_id) return Amount of information to return. Can be id, full, details, entries; Request: All timesheets MUST BE received no later than 9am on Monday following the end of the week worked, in order for payment to be processed for that Friday. All EXPENSE FORMS MUST BE submitted directly to your umbrella payment company according to their deadlines for receiving such information.