Ameron dimetcote 9 product data sheet

PRODUCT DATA SHEET DESCRIPTION: DESCRIPTION: SP-9888 Pipe Lining is based on the latest Zero VOC Novolac Technology. The product cures to a highly cross-linked coating with excellent chemical, solvent and water immersion resistance. More information During this meeting, the contractor shall provide the following; 1) Proposed paint system(s) for each piece of equipment to be painted, product data sheets, maximum thickness tolerable for each coat and for the full system, approval certificates for coatings in contact with specific products such as food products, jet fuel, etc. Storage ... Submit all required data for design of support structures, piping system, electrical system, and instrumentation as per the time frame defined in Division 1. 1. Equipment Data Sheet and detailed shop drawings for all equipment supplied, providing dimensions, gross and net weight, and minimum clearances. 2. 9.5 Galvanizing; All ladder, ladder guard handrails, checked floor plates, and gratings shall be protected by hot-dip galvanizing in accordance with the current ASTM Standard A-386, Specifications for Hot-Dip Zinc Coatings on Assembled Steel Products. 9.6 All openings shall be covered before shipment to protect from weather and Impact damage. Dimetcote 9 Inorganic Zinc Silicate Coating Product Data/ Application Instructions x A heavy-duty primer that protects with just a single coat x Outstanding application characteristics over a wide range of atmospheric conditions x Can be applied by airless or conventional spray x Excellent heavy-build film tolerance in corners and angles