Open excel sheet in qtp

Compare values of 2 Excel sheets cell by cell This code will open two excel sheet and compare values of each sheet cell by cell, if any changes there in cells , it will highlight the cells in red color in the first sheet. May 12, 2013 · 30. Pass parameters from QC to QTP script 31. Environment variables 32. Reusable functions 33. Import Sheet and Export sheet 34. Smart identification 35. Ordinal identifier 36. Left and Right functions 37. Types of parameters in QTP 38. QTP scripts execution through Windows scheduler 39. Batch runs 40. QTP test cases executions report from QC 41. Oct 19, 2013 · 'Insert value into the Excel Cell xlWSObj.cells(3,1).value = "QTP" ' Insert "QTP" into cell (3,1) in Excel 'Save the Excel File if we want to save in same file 'save changes into same Excel Sheet . 'Save the Excel in another file xlWSObj. SaveAs c:\Book2.xls ' save the changes into defferent Excel xlWBObj.close xlObj.application.close ErrorLog: If any of the script failed then QTP will capture the screen shot and stores it in ErrorLog folder Library: will contain all reusable function file, Keyword driver file, Html report generation file and Object repository (in excel)