Bu 104 datasheet

The Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm Bo 105 is a light, twin-engine, multi-purpose helicopter developed by Bölkow of Ottobrunn, West Germany.It was the first light twin-engine helicopter in the world, and the first rotorcraft that could perform aerobatic maneuvers such as inverted loops. BU408, BU408 Datasheet, BU408 NPN High Voltage Transistor Datasheet, buy BU408 Transistor BUZ 104S Data Book 1 05.99 SIPMOS Power Transistor Product Summary Drain source voltage VDS 55 V Drain-Source on-state resistance RDS(on) 0.08 Ω Continuous drain current ID 13.5 A Enjoy an all-inclusive service with entertainment, refreshments and a checked baggage allowance on every Qantas flight. The thermistors are packed in bu lk or tape on reel; see code numbers and relevant packaging quantities. ... 100 000 4190 1.5 Y 104*B0 *104 Brown Black Yellow Fire-setan P Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids PetroFer Chemie H. R. Fischer GmbH + Co. KG P. O. Box 10 06 45 31106 Hildesheim Germany Telephone: +49 51 21 / 76 27- 0