Kerb and gutter standard detail sheet 1 4

Specification for Roadworks and Drainage associated with Subdivision or other ... and Gutter . S – 8 (sheet 1 of 2) Standard Kerb Ramp in Roadways ... Details . S ... infrastructure & strategic assets / design & survey a3 kerb and gutter details %%ukerb only. 5 rad. 20 rad. compacted subgrade. %%uintegral kerb and gutter C224.12 KERB AND GUTTER (CHANNEL) 1. Kerb and/or gutters (channel) may be constructed in fixed forms, by extrusion or by slip forming, in accordance with AS 2876. Method 2. The foundation, concrete quality, curing and testing details shall be in accordance AS 2876. Construction Details 3. 1:12 25 100 (min) 150 125 slope of base varies with pavement crossfall kerb and gutter - standard (150mm) cross sectional area = 0.0676m² (for 3% crossfall) section a-a property cross over - standard plan view width varies 500 300 300 25 25 100 gutter lip design level a a b b property cross over - standard elevation at gutter invert width ... In Great Britain, "high containment kerbs" are used at locations with pedestrians, fuel station pumps, and other areas that need greater protection from vehicle traffic. These are 14 inches (36 cm) high - much higher than standard curb, with a sloped lower portion and a concave face. These are also known as "trief" curbs.