Light sheet microscopy zebra fish meeting 2016

Alessia completed her MSc in Physics Engineering and her PhD in Physics at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, in 2016 with the thesis “Calcium imaging by light sheet fluorescence microscopy”. Her main expertise is in laser physics and microscopy, with her research aiming to design new spectr oscopy and imaging technologies for molecular biology. Scientific Conference Calendar of Conferences and Meetings on Microscopy . Our conference theme is “2020 Visions in Microscopy” and at the start of this new decade, this conference will be about bringing together colleagues from life sciences and physical sciences and working together towards new visions and goals in microscopy. This is the first time that I had been to the ABRF meeting and my understanding is that this is the first time that microscopy had its own track at the meeting. The meeting is basically a meeting of core managers, and it was dominated by next-generation sequencing, along with some mass spectrometry and flow cytometry. Aug 31, 2016 · Visualizing fast 3D dynamics of biological samples using light-sheet microscopy Light sheet fluorescence microscopy ( LSFM ) is a convenient tool for high resolution, 3D bio-imaging as it efficiently collects the generated fluorescence while at the same time minimizes photobleaching.