Xlsread matlab multiple sheets drawing

xlsread . Warning: xlsread will probably not work on linux machines. If you are using Linux, try saving the Excel file as a tab separated text file and then use the textread command. xlsread is a function which reads all the numeric and text (alphabet/words) information from a xls file into variables in the Matlab environment. I have tried to use xlsread but hit a limit tying to import past 1,000,000 lines. ... to draw plots etc. with MATLAB. ... I want to save a struct into multiple sheets ... Oct 26, 2017 · Dear friends I am getting multiple plots(as shown in attached fig) with legend labeling for the data as shown in the attachment.There are four data sets as shown in excel/pdf sheet attached where every data set represents one plot.Now i want to draw these plots in matlab.For this purpose when i use the commands then matlab takes the all data sets as a single set.How to import every data set as ... This seems a problem in deploying your executable rather than only with xlsread.It might be best if you asked it in that context. Be sure to mention the important characteristics of the computers you are deploying it on, since that could be part of the problem. xlsread. Read Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file (.xls)Syntax. A = xlsread('filename') [A, B ] = xlsread('filename') [...] = xlsread('filename','sheetname') Description ... For example, I have this kind of numerical data with 2 column and 10 rows in my excel file. How to import the Excel file to MATLAB? I need the data to plot the graph.