Display a item beween two sheets of acrylic

Clear acrylic sheets (plexiglass) Plastic sheet cutting tool; Clear adhesive; Cabinet pulls; Cabinet hinges; Power drill; Optional: Nail gun with 1” brad nails; Orbital sander with fine grit sandpaper; How to make the DIY Glass Cabinet Doors. Measure to determine the exterior dimensions of the cabinet doors. MAAX uses high-quality cast acrylic that is thick, strong and durable. Our high-quality cast acrylic has a soft, luxurious feel that is warm to the touch and retains heat, such as the heat of the bathwater. The integrated color pigment of acrylic means color won't fade and any minor scratches that come with normal use over time will be less ... Noncrystalline thermoplastic that can come in many colours, weather and shatter resistant. It is used in many things such as acrylic nails, airplane canopies, display fixtures, advertising sign models, toys, light fittings, safety shields for machinery and many other useful items.