Yudu emulsion film sheets

Feb 08, 2014 · A quick tutorial on applying emulsion sheets to your screens without all that pesky crumpling. ... Applying an emulsion sheet to a screen White Dog Ink. ... Provo Craft Yudu Emulsion 101 ... The system uses capillary film which can be difficult to work with as a beginner. Problems with adhesion, exposure, and removal are common with this unit. Direct liquid emulsions are often used as a "hack" with the Yudu rather than the very expensive "emulsion sheets" they sell. Jewelry Tags made on Yudu Screenprinter - IMAGE REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUES - My sister-in-law does beaded jewelry and recently started selling her pieces. We thought that a nice Christmas gift would be to make a company l O ur emulsion sheets are red in color and manufactured by the world's leading screen printing supply company. Tried and tested by companies and individuals across the country! These sheets will work with countless types of screen printing setups from YUDU to the most elaborate commercial setups. It is cheaper! Direct emulsion is about 70 cents per screen to use as compared to $10 for for the Yudu-branded sheets! It is easier! Every application is perfect every time. No more 'wasted' sheets of film going down the drain. It is faster. It naturally dries faster anyway, but with the use of a blow dryer, it is dry in 5 minutes!