Vespel cr 6100 datasheets

Vespel® SP21 high strength, low coefficient of friction and wear properties. Read what is [email protected] SP-21 polyimide, uses and data sheet at Curbell Plastics, Vespel® distributor.Vespel is a high performance plastic that is heat, chemical and creep resistance while retaining dimensional stability in an extreme range of temperatures. It also features excellent electrical insulating and sealing characteristics, making it a good choice for semiconductor, aerospace and high performance sealing applications. Description: Vespel® is a sophisticated high performance plastic that performs over a wide range of temperatures and stresses. Parts made from Vespel® provide a unique combination of the physical properties of plastics, metals and ceramics.Vespel® CR Product Family Vespel® CR family provides excellent chemical resistance in refineries or chemical processing. They offer high-creep resistance for seals, run-dry capability for wear rings for pumps and easy machinability for tight-tolerance parts like ball-valve seats.Vespel® CR-6100 can be used in temperatures up to 500 F (260 C). At maximum operating temperature, the recommended interference fit can be quite high. Due to the low modulus, the material ... Vespel® CR-6100 parts. The operator installed Vespel® CR-6100 parts as stationary wear components in boiler pumps. Clearance is about half that of the original design specifications of 0.016 in. (0.406 mm) for metal parts. Hydro Scotford Inc., of Ft. Saskatchewan, Alberta, engineered the conversion and provided the parts. Key AdvantagesVespel CR-6100 combines the broad chemical compatibility and low friction coefficient of DuPont Teflon with the dimensional stability of carbon fiber to create an ideal material for pump wear rings, line shaft bearings, bushings and similar components.