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Categorised Recommendations, Sheet music, Sheet Music Frank Bernaerts has been distributing his compositions and arrangements since 1989. Frank Bernaerts was born on 28 February 1967 in Willebroek… Studio Music Company was established in 1957, primarily as a publisher and distributor of Brass Band music. Over the years we have invested in other areas of publishing, particularly Concert Band and Instrumental music. Our catalogues include works from many of the world’s top composers. Browse and buy all sheet music titles composed by Ronan Hardiman (b.1962). $123.95 / By Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard. Arranged by Frank Bernaerts. For Concert Band / Wind Ensemble. Also on the Bernaerts CD: Back To The Future. Film music, medley series. Aug 17, 2009 · "The Da Vinci Code" de Hans Zimmer et Richard Allen Harvey. arrangement de Frank Bernaerts. Comprens "Kyrie For The Magdelene" et "Chevaliers De Sangral". Interpréter par l'ensembles des 4 ... Powered by Pennine Music, is your one-stop shop for all your brass band sheet music. As a major brass band publishing house ourselves, we are proud that we can support other such publishing houses. We sell a vast array of music from many of the leading brass band publishers.