How to open two excel sheets

View two worksheets of different workbooks side by side. Open both of the workbooks that contain the worksheets that you want to compare. On the View tab, in the Window group, click View Side by Side. Note If you keep more than two workbooks open, Excel displays the Compare Side by Side dialog box. Open the first Excel file you need to access and put that on Monitor #1. Open a second instance of Excel on Monitor #2 by going to the Start Menu > Programs > Micrrosoft Office > Excel. Move this second instance of Excel to Monitor #2. Open or create a workbook from the second instance of Excel that’s now on Monitor #2. Go to the source worksheet, click in the cell that contains the source data (squiggly lines will now surround it), and press Enter. Excel returns you to the destination worksheet and the linked data displays. METHOD TWO: Copy from the source, and Paste Special to the destination. Jun 17, 2019 · In this tutorial, you will learn a variety of methods to compare Excel files and identify differences between them. See how to open two Excel windows side by side, how to use Excel formulas to create a difference report, highlight differences with conditional formatting, and more. Mar 17, 2016 · When I try to convert, open or upload an excel file to google sheets, the only option I have is open with is Google Oauth 2.0 Playground. I don’t have an option to open with Google Sheets. I don’t know what Oauth 2.0 is or how I got it. When I read up on it, it seems to be a tool used by developers.