10 mill maylar sheet

The heaviest weight Mylar films (.007" and .010") are most commonly used for transparent linings of paintings. All film supplied is suitable for ultrasonic as well as thermal welding. Special size Mylar rolls as well as sheets can be supplied, large quantities only. Gauge is sometimes referred to in mils, where .001" would be referred to as 1 mil. DuraLar™ Polyester Film and Sheets DuraLar polyester film is our most popular, economical general plastic film product line. It is our trade name for bi-axially oriented polyester film (PET), just as Mylar ® polyester film is Dupont/Teijin’s trademark for the same kind of material. Blank Mylar (also called blank stencil film) - choose from 4 mil, 7 mil, 7.5 mil, 10 mil, 14 mil, 22 mil LDPE and 6 mil adhesive-backed vinyl material below. This is a premium quality blank stencil material. Our premium stencil material is food grade and tough, Order the lenth you need off roll widths up to 72" and in thicknesses of 4,7,10 and 14 mil. Blank Mylar, sold by the foot in 4, 7.5 10 and 14 mil thickness 12 mil White/Black Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting/ Reinforced and Regular 12 mil plastic sheeting comes in many variations Listed below are string reinforced, fire retardant, heat shrink wrap, and HDPE forms of poly film. 10 Pack 4 Mil CLEAR Mylar Stencil Sheets, 12" x 12" Blank Stencils, Reusable Template Material, Make Your Own Stencil Compatible for Cricut Vinyl Cutting Machine.