Sunbeam food processor lc6000 datasheet

Using your Sunbeam MultiProcessor Compact continued ™ Dough blade Note: For added safety we recommend that you always leave the food pusher in place 1.Place the dough blade over the centre of whilst operating the processor. the spindle. Note: The food processor will not operate 2.Place food into processing bowl. The bowl to food processor holds one large full head of cabbage shredded, 4 large grated carrots and two large sliced onions and 2 shallots. I was also able to make my dressing in the processor as well and mix it all together in one batch. Very very easy to clean no carrot stains which happened on most... • Position the processing bowl on the motor base, with the processing cover off, over the drive shaft. The handle of the bowl needs to be facing you. Turn the processing bowl counter-clockwise to lock into position. • Insert the spindle into the food processor bowl by placing the shaft in the centre of the bowl.