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[4e] Neceros’ Character Sheets – RPGnet Forums – More character sheets, and some good blank power cards. RPG Sheets: Role-Playing Game Character Sheets, d20 Character Sheet, NPCs, Equipment, Swords, Magic Items – Another variety of character sheets, including an Excel-based one that looks pretty darned good. Jan 12, 2012 · Therefore I took it upon myself to create an organized character sheet staying true to the spirit of the original. Please feel free to leave any comments, questions or suggestions below! Features: * The mechanical portions of the original sheet are all on the first page. * The more open ended parts of the original sheet are on the second page. Class determines many important features for a character, including role, hit points, powers, class features, weapon, implement, and armor proficiencies, and skills. Individual classes are often prerequisites for feats, paragon paths, and so on. Some classes have more specialized subclasses. Feb 22, 2014 · Leroy's FASERIP Character Sheets post reminded me that it's been a while since I looked at The Harrier on paper. Since I started playing Chance, I've kept a virtual character sheet, adding some experience every month that I actively played him. I figured it was a nice way to keep me honest about power progression and character growth. ENWorld - links to game aids Heroforge and similar files for 4e DungeonCrawl - power cards Kiznit - 4e combat crib sheet all in one Kiznit - 4e character sheet folder with card holder Ander00's power cards (direct download) Tools for DMs google group - online resources Asmor.com - random encounter generator