Enclosures sheet metal

This included water storage tanks, tipping bucket units and enclosures all made from galvanized and corrugated metal. The mills in Oregon and Washington have been contracting us to produce sound booths various enclosures, safety guards, ducting, air movement systems, scrubbers and other custom items for them over the last 40 years. Our company maily produce the IP54~68 or NEMA 4X electrical enclosures/junction boxes made by stainless steel, SPCC steel, or aluminum metal sheet; Explosion proof boxes, etc. and all other kinds of sheet metal products, with more than 10ys experience. Edmunds Metal Works is a very attractive source for small to medium quantity fabrication jobs. Edmund’s shining star is their ability to quickly estimate, quote, design and deliver fairly complex fabricated parts and assemblies very quickly. Custom manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication. Located in Monroe, NC and servicing the Southeast area. Precision laser cutting for quick lead times. Carlson Metal Products, Inc. is a precision sheet metal fabricator in business since 1971. We produce a wide range of chassis, panels, sub-assemblies and custom enclosures.