Exaple petty cash paid out sheet

Use the Checkout Sheet to document and reconcile cash from bartender, cashier and server banks at the end of the shift. At the end of the shift employees who handle cash should complete a Checkout Sheet to detail their settlement transactions. This would include cash, credit card receipts, overrings, voids, discounts, coupons, paid-outs, etc. The balance of the Petty Cash Book will be shown on the asset side of balance sheet as "Cash in hand" at the end of the year. Example: From the following particulars prepare a Petty Cash Book under Imprest System. 2005 Download Petty Cash Forms. While it's best to avoid paying cash for products and services, most restaurants find they're unavoidable at times. The best way to control cash payments and keep them to a minimum is to set up a separate petty cash fund for cash paid-outs and NOT take cash out of the day's sales receipts. Nov 19, 2009 · Petty cash fund is usually used in a business to make minor odd purchases, such as a sheet of postal stamps, an inkjet cassette, a pack of envelopes, etc.