Xanthotoxin msds sheets

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are a very important aspect of both Hazard Communication and Laboratory Standards. SDSs are required to provide employees with the information they need to know about the hazards of materials being handled. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET IDENTIFICATION OF SUBSTANCE/PREPARATION AND OF THE CQMPANY/UNDERTAKING Product identification Synonyms: Hexanoic, Octanoic and Decanoic acid blend; Caproic, Capvlic and Capric acid blend Product uses The most common uses for this product are for the production of cutting oils, specialty soaps, and chain terminators. Description: Xanthotoxin (Methoxsalen ) is a potent tricyclic furocoumarin suicide inhibitor of CYP (cytochrome P-450), is an agent used to treat psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo and some cutaneous Lymphomas in conjunction with exposing the skin to sunlight. SAFETY DATA SHEET OXYCIDE DAILY DISINFECTANT CLEANER 979252-15 3 / 12 Product AS SOLD In case of eye contact : Rinse immediately with plenty of water, also under the eyelids, for at least 15 minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. Get medical attention immediately.