U gage t30u ultrasonic sensors datasheet

The U-GAGE® T30UX is an easy-to-use ultrasonic sensor with extended range and built-in temperature compensation. Simple push button configuration provides flexibili-ty for a variety of applications. Easy-to-see indicator LEDs communicate the status of the sensor. The Green “Pow- U-GAGE® is an easy-to-use ultrasonic sensor, ideal for demanding environments. Simple push-button programming provides flexibility for a variety of applications. Excellent for gauging applications such as sensing liquid levels in a tank or for sensing most clear materials. Each sensor includes two discrete outputs, which may be programmed ... Title: U-GAGE Ultrasonic Sensors Author: Banner Engineering Corp. Keywords: U-GAGE; ultrasonic sensor; retrosonic; temerature compensation; background suppression ... U-GAGE® Chemically Resistant Ultrasonic Sensors Teflon ®-protected sensors for harsh environments Features • Available option for all Banner QT50U and T30U..B models. • Factory-installed Teflon flange and film coating bonded over the transducer provide protection from harsh environments. U-Gage™ T30U Ultrasonic Sensors The Turck Banner T30U series of ultra-sonic sensors are housed in a T-style right angled housing with a 30 mm threaded nose. The T30U series offer a choice of dual-diskrete or analog/diskrete outputs and is available with ranges of 150 mm to 1 m or 300 mm to 2 m, Depending on the response time.