Alabama onside kick eli gold.

The “voice” of the Crimson Tide, Eli is best known as the radio play-by-play announcer of the University Of Alabama football and basketball teams. His responsibilities with “The Tide” also included hosting “Hey Coach”, the weekly football and basketball coach’s radio call-in show. McCarthy sucked ass that game coaching. Just so fucking conservative he should have went for one of those fourth and goals from the 1 yard line. You get a TD there the game is out of reach even if they recover the onside kick. Yeah you're possibly leaving 3 points on the field, but then your opponent needs to drive 99 yards. As a kid growing up in Brooklyn in the '50s and '60s, Eli Gold didn't know Bear Bryant from Yogi Bear. Gold's obsession was pro sports, especially the Yankees, Knicks and Rangers.Eli Gold during, alabama games. Is there any way to listen to him on the internet? Way (if there is one) to sync. Eli Gold on the radio with the TV broadcast. I always think back to that game in Jackson, Mississippi, when Alabama trailed 21-0 almost instantly to Ole Miss, and then ran off 62 points in a row. The two have a genuine friendship. The Tigers finally scored on Nixâ??s 3-yard touchdown pass to Eli Stove with 10:04 left, taking advantage of a pass interference call on the previous third-down play. Auburn appeared to recover an onside kick but it was overturned upon review because of an illegal block by Anthony Schwartz.Well, shit. Universal prediction blown. Too bad they don't start games at 1:20, huh, OP? I think the Alabama pregame radio broadcast starts about then. Does that count? I'm sure Eli Gold will be elated to know he is a servant of Universe. Last Edited by Deplorable Revbo™ on 11/07/2019 10:54 AM