Pacific parrotlets care sheet

Apr 21, 2007 · Never heard of parrotlets, but suppose their care is like any other bird ! The foods sold in stores, pet stores often say what kinda of birds they are for according to sizes, etc.. & are pretty well balanced diets, also check with your local pet store or whomever they got them from should know as well !! *Male Parrotlets when rearing young or feeding a female, may look after their family so well that they starve themselves and die. Keep a watch on breeding males, if necessary checking that they are not losing weight. *When two Parrotlets are kept in a cage, there is a danger that one will kill the other. Get the biggest cage you can afford here. Parrotlets as Pets : There are several species of Parrotlets found in the United States as well as in other parts of the world. The most well-known and popular species is the Pacific Parrotlet, wherein both males and females are a basic blue green in color.