Linear interpolation formula example

HIGH-QUALITY LINEAR INTERPOLATION FOR DEMOSAICING OF BAYER-PATTERNED COLOR IMAGES Henrique S. Malvar, Li-wei He, and Ross Cutler Microsoft Research One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052, USA ABSTRACT This paper introduces a new interpolation technique for demo-saicing of color images produced by single-CCD digital cameras. However, its interpolation function is still very applicable and quite nice - Linear interpolation and more advanced inerpolation like spline and 3D interpolation. This can boost the accuracy if the trends are not really lineair. Perhaps it is interesting for some of you. which is a general formula of linear interpolation. Another commonly used—and mathematically equivalent—version of the linear interpolation formula is the following: ( ) ( ) ( ) 1 2 n 2 n1 n 21 R t t R tt R tt ×− + ×− = − (2) In the preceding example, the solution would work as follows: [( )] [( )] ( ) 4.3530% 64 35 4.3313% 64 45 4.3944% 45 35 R n = − × − + × − = This worksheet help you to understand how to calculate Linear Interpolation. The unknown value which lies between the two known rates/ points can be calculated by linear interpolation. The below formula is used to (y-y 0)/(x-x 0)=(y 1-y 0)/(x 1-x 0) Lets consider (x 1,y 1), (x 3, y 3) are two points to find the value of the point x 2 or y 2