Is north carolina a commonwealth state

According to one commonwealth's web site (Massachusetts—the one in which Merriam-Webster is headquartered), the term commonwealth was preferred by a number of political writers in the years leading up to 1780, when the Massachusetts constitution officially designated the state as such; the preference is believed to have existed perhaps ... North Dakota: Selective Service registration is a precondition for student financial aid. Signed by Gov. George Sinner in 1987. North Dakota does not have a Thurmond-like legislation in place. Northern Mariana Islands: Requires Selective Service registration as a prerequisite to employment with the Commonwealth government. Signed by Gov. Pedro P. Tenorio, the legislation became effective March 15, 1999. State of West Virginia The Honorable Phil Berger Senate President Pro Tempore State of North Carolina The Honorable Thomas K. Norment, Jr. Majority Leader of the Senate Commonwealth of Virginia The Honorable Ryan J. Ferns Majority Leader of the Senate State of West Virginia The Honorable Daryl E. Cowles Majority Leader of the House North Carolina Department of State Treasurer Directly impacts the lives of 1 in 10 North Carolinian’s through its management of the state pension and health plans. Next to their family or faith, we mange what is most important to teachers, public safety and other state and local employees. Founded in 1991, Commonwealth Brands Inc. is one of the largest tobacco manufacturing and distribu. Contacts y information about Commonwealth Brands Inc company in Reidsville of of the state of North Carolina: description, working time, address, phone, website, reviews, news, products/services. North Carolina borders by Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia . North Carolina’s 10 largest cities are Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Durham, Fayetteville, Cary, Wilmington, High Point and Greenville. Learn more about Historical Facts of North Carolina Counties.