Metal sheet shrinker stretcher

The Lotos SS01 metal shrinker and stretcher set is a great tool for metal workers who want to make the most out of their metal forming. The metal stretcher features powerful steel jaws that curve or angle New and Used Automotive Parts and Accessories On Sale. ... Sheet Metal Fabrication Shrinker Stretcher Set Motorcycle Hot Rod Chopper 15301 ... Metal Stretcher And ... Metal Forming & Shaping. English Wheels; Ornamental Metal Working; Shrinker Stretcher; Plasma Tables; Pro 105MB/HD Round Tube Dies; Rollers-Angle Benders; Saws. Cold Saws; Convertible Horizontal/Vertical; Horizontal Bandsaws; Vertical Bandsaws; Sheet Metal Brakes; Slip Roll; Tube Notchers Metal shrinker stretcher is a metal forming tool. Basically, this tool is used to make smooth radius curves in a sheet metal. Sheet metal can be formed without heating, cutting, or welding, and by using a shrinker stretcher tool. As the name suggests, a shrinker stretcher tool makes inside curves by shrinking the metal on one side. 756018, JET MSS-1 Manual Shrinker / Stretcher. The JET Shrinker Stretcher readily forms compound curves in sheet metal for car, motorcycle, and airplane body restoration. The quick and easy foot pedal operation frees the user’s hands to manipulate the panel for maximum control and accuracy. Features: Improved frame structure for years of use Model 1447-6DT foot operated SHEET METAL SHRINKING AND STRETCHING MACHINE Originally developed for use in the aircraft industry on aluminum parts, the 1447-60T is now widely used by the entire metal working industry because of its ability to: Shrinker stretchers are without doubt one of the most versatile metal shaping tools you can buy and virtually indispensable in a body or fab shop. This metal shrinker / stretcher combination is great for making smooth professional shop quality radius bends in sheet metal without cutting, heating, or hammering the material.