Protecta evo express msds sheet

Protecta Evo Express Bait Stations are tamper-resistant bait stations designed so that less time is required in servicing them. Comes with duckbill anchors holes for attaching to a fence. Holds up to 8-1 oz. bait blocks or (2)Trapper T-Rex rat traps or (2)Mini-Rex mouse traps.ASP » Product » Safety Data Sheet. Print this page. Safety Data Sheet; Safety Data Sheet. Terminal Sterilization. File name. File type. Download.With Protecta EVO Express technicians will spend significantly less time setting up an account and servicing bait stations. The EVO provides a secure station with a professional appearence. It comes pre-installed with a concrete block that is completely enclosed with no bolts or screws that can break or crack.It is ideal for use when powerflushing to accelerate the cleaning process. Available in 500ml liquid bottle, 400ml Express aerosol canister and 290ml gel cartridge formats. It is a non- hazardous product which is compatible with all metals commonly used in heating systems.Protecta Mouse Bait Stations. Use Protecta Mouse Bait Stations when mice infestations require baiting. They are tamper-resistant, protecting children and non-targeted animals from the poison bait or trap. They open with a key (included). These stations have four prongs that either hold bait or hold Trapper Mini T Rex Mouse Snap Traps.