Saudi rockwool data sheet

levels which exceed applicable exposure limits (see Section 8 of this Material Safety Data Sheet). - Avoid excessive eye and skin contact with dusts and fibers. - Use recommended cleanup procedures to avoid buildup of dusts and fibers in the work area. systems. rockwool limited does not accept responsibility for the consequences of using SP Firestop Systems in applications different from those described within this data sheet. Expert advice should be sought where such different applications are contemplated, or where the extent of any listed application is in doubt. ROCKWOOL ROXUL SAFE ... Technical Data Sheet Firestopping 07840* • Firestopping 07 84 00** Fibrous Fire Safing 07 84 56.13** • Curtain wall & glazed assemblies 08 ... Fujairah Rockwool slabs conforming to ASTM C-612 and equivalent BS 3958 Part 5 and BS EN 13162 are designed for the thermal and acoustic insulation of flat or slightly curved surfaces operating at both high and low temperatures. These slabs are produced from long, non-combustible resin bonded fibers. They are easy to cut, fit and handle.