Picanha beef cut sheet

We base all pricing on the cut sheet above and the efficiency it grants our processing floor ... Microsoft Word - BEEF CUT SHEET 2.0.docx Created Date: Need a mobile slaughter service or meat processing for your beef cattle slaughter. Fill out Stratton's Custom Meats butcher cut sheet form. want each roast to be. Specifics for steaks will be how thick you would like them cut. This is also where Williams Brothers Meat Market Beef Cutting Instruction Help . This is a step by step guide to filling out your beef cutting instruction sheet. Please call if you have any questions Cut into 2 slabs per side . 2. Cut meat off and process into ground beef Organs. 1. Yes, Iwant the organ meats (heart, liver, kidney and spleen) or. 2. No thanks, I do not want them. (You do not receive any kind of discount). Miscellaneous . All ground beef is in 1 pound packages unless otherwise requested.