Limited express thunderbird timetable sheet

Kanazawa Train Lines JR (Japan Railways) TRAIN LINES. The Hokuriku Shinkansen for Kanazawa, Toyama, Nagano & Tokyo. The Limited Express Thunderbird for Kyoto, Osaka, and Wakura Onsen. The Hokuriku Main Line for Ishikawa, Fukui, and Shiga Prefectures. The Limited Express Shirasagi for Kanazawa, Maibara, and Nagoya Nov 23, 2015 · Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file, which can be imported into Thunderbird's Address Book. This article lists the fields that Thunderbird can use. You will make the import process easier if you can organize your spreadsheet/CSV file to match. Here is some info on the importing process. • Some trains will not go directly to your destination and you will have to transfer from one train to another. • If you travel by transferring from one Limited Express train to another and your connecting time at the transfer station is less than 30 minutes, a single Limited Express ticket will be issued for your entire journey. Also, services may be suspended or interrupted due to natural disasters or other such incidents. Therefore, timetables should be used only as a guide. Time Table Information shown, as of December 2, 2019, is based on the JR Timetable January 2020 issue, published by KOTSU SHIMBUNSHA Co., Ltd.