Lm7805c to 220 datasheet

This article is not about how to make a heat sink for a voltage regulator; rather, it is about how to determine if a heat sink is required, and how to choose one with the proper size. There are many manufacturers, and many electronics shops supplying them, however their use tends to be sporadic. An easy way to remember the voltage output by a LM78XX series of voltage regulators is the last two digits of the number. A LM7805 ends with "05"; thus, it outputs 5 volts. MC7805 Voltage Regulator, Package Type : TO-220, Ipp : 1.5, VDRM : 100 Features. Output current in excess of 1.0 Ampere No external components required Internal thermal overload protection Internal short-circuit current limiting Output voltage offered in 2% tolerance. LM7805C 5 Volt Regulator . The LM78XX series of three terminal regulators is available with several fixed output voltages making them useful in a wide range of applications. One of these is local on card regulation, eliminating the distribution problems associated with Please refer to datasheet of lm7805c for the to-220 pin out. We are in process of revamping the datasheets. Regret the confusion. GJ