Plug flow reactor experiment scribd sheet

reactor Batch time, t, required − ⋅ to achieve a 0 A conversion X. X t As t X Flow Reactor Design Equations: moles of A fed moles of A reacted For continuous-flow systems, time usua lly increases with increasing reactor volume. A A A A F F X F time moles of A fed F X − ⋅ = ⋅ = ⋅ 0 0 0 inlet molar flow rate Molar flow rate at which A ... ing liquid-phasereactions, high flow rates may not be achievable. In this case, laminar flow will occur. Calculate the mean outlet concentration of a species A undergoing a first-order reaction in a tubular reactor with laminar flow and compare the value to that obtained in a PFR when (kL)/u = I (u average linear flow velocity). • Answer Toggle navigation Topics by Topics by Toggle navigation Topics by Topics by