Capital planning tools

Use FINRA’s Tools and Calculators to help you make informed financial decisions based on your own personal circumstances and financial needs. Use our free tool to confirm whether investment professionals and firms are licensed. It should be the first resource you turn to when choosing whether to ... Platform empowering better, more collaborative capital planning in New York City. Platform empowering better, more collaborative capital planning in New York City. Get a 360-degree view of your money. See all your accounts in one place, including your investments. And go deeper with our planning and analytics tools. Organize your spending and savings automatically by date, category, or merchant. Set a monthly spending target and easily see if you are tracking ... Capital Planning. Optimize profitability and performance within finance departments and across the oil and gas organization, even in the most volatile market environments, with SAP solutions. Financial planning and analysis solutions from SAP help reduce planning cycle times, increase profitability, and make finance functions more efficient. Personal Capital performs admirably but their budgeting tool is relatively new and doesn't have as many features as either Mint or Quicken. Visit (one good alternative for budgeting is EveryDollar, it won't do any of the other things mentioned on this list but it's a good basic budgeting tool) Retirement Planning Capital Project Work Plan. The goal of this tool is to help health centers identify the necessary steps in the capital development process that specifically address their individual capital projects. This comprehensive document keeps management, the project team, and the board of directors informed about the project.