Ross sapote fact sheet

In its native range, Bighead Carp has a fecundity ranging from 280,000-1.1 million eggs. In North America, fecundity ranged from 4,792-1.6 million eggs (Kipp et al. 2011). Bighead carp produce eggs that are semi-buoyant and require current to keep them from sinking to the bottom (Soin and Sukhanova 1972; Pflieger 1997). Ross Shimokawa is licensed and registered to conduct business in HI. Based on licenses and registrations I hold, I may also conduct business in VA, NV, CO, NJ, GA, CA, TX, NY, FL, WA, PA. CA Insurance #0K43005 The Ross Sapote Fruit grown in a 3 gallon container is a close relative of the Canistel fruit. The fruit has a thin orange to yellow hue in skin color. The flesh is moist and it resembles a hard boiled egg yolk. The taste is unbelievable has the flavor of the Lucuma fruit. No more hunting around for info every time I need to buy apples. Below you will find my apple fact sheet that you can download and print. It would be handy to keep it in a folder or notebook with your cookbooks. That's where I put mine. One disclaimer, though. I didn't find 100% agreement on the best use for every apple listed on the fact sheet.