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Description: Harpic 100% Limescale Remover is the perfect solution for limescale sufferers. Its powerful formula dissolves and eliminates all limescale, while simultaneously killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. 100% Limescale Remover will leave your toilet free of limescale and smelling fresh. Scrubbing Bubbles 70091 Toilet Cleaner, 1.34 in Disc, Blue Gel Clorox 30620 Clinging Bleach Gel, Clear/Green, Viscous Liquid, Floral/Herbal REMOVER TOILET RING 4.5OZ Arm & Hammer 35113 Bleach Based Scrub Free Toilet Cleaning System, White, Solid, Granular, Chlorine Like Sep 11, 2008 · Turn off the water to the toilet and flush. Fill the bowl with vinegar and let it sit for about half an hour scrubbing everyonce in a while with toilet brush. Pour some down the overflow tube in the tank to clean the holes under the rim. Get the best deals on Toilet & Urinal Liquid Cleaners when you shop the largest online selection at ... Bolex Toilet Bowl & Urinal Cleaner, Quart Bottle, 12 ... Maximum power (cleaner) (cleaning) No hard scrubbing Powerful cleaning formula Removes rust stains Sticks to the bowl to help eliminate stains and germs** Thick liquid formula sticks to the bowl for better cleaning Toilet odor control Total disinfection for inside your toilet (above and below the waterline) Try all Cling aromas Ultimate clean The Works® Toilet Bowl Cleaner. The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner is tough on stains! Its disinfecting formula removes rust, lime, and hard-water build-up.