Mncasa fact sheets

The National Center for Campus Public Safety (NCCPS) is a resource for college and university campus safety, school security, training and assistance.2019 • For more fact sheets and other help go to • Y-6 pg. 1 Fact Sheet Sexual Harassment: Information for Youth What is sexual harassment? Sexual harassment is when someone treats you in a way that you don’t like because of your sex What Do Sexual Assault Cases Look Like in Our Community? A SART Coordinator's Guidebook for Case File Review. Sexual Violence Justice Institute (SVJI) at the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA), 2017Building Community Goodwill to End Violence Against Women . We envision a world where gender- based violence is unacceptable, where perpetrators are held accountable, and victims receive the compassion, support, and justice they deserve. The Dart Center provides tip sheets, publications, and best practices on journalism and trauma. The Flawed Way the Media Covers High-Profile Rapists (multimedia, 4:08) This video by Media Matters 4 America discusses how the media covers offenders, using the Brock Turner case and others as Is fecha !uctuosa. Todas su5 nos y Unn5lo 131ndical de Viajante at tie Olgraz 0 driguez 229, v Rolando OcegUera VI- facts. por Is Asoclacl6n de Aunacenea VEIRTZ WL pt7V1TRZg PAJtA L,, elcignblit del Elit'scit' PDec 09, 2015 · The first edition of this tool (Miller et al. 2007) was available on CD and on the web. This second edition introduces a number of modifications to the original tool that aim to make the identification process more user-friendly and the information on the species fact sheets and glossary easier to update.